About Northcote Business Network

The Northcote Business Network (NBN) is an independent organisation run by the businesses of Northcote Road for the businesses of Northcote Road.

The Network’s purpose is to provide a forum for the views of Northcote Road's businesses; to represent those views to the council, police and other local bodies; to network and find solutions to the problems that face them all in common; and to explore and then undertake initiatives to promote Northcote Road as a food and retail destination both locally and to a wider London audience.

The Northcote Business Network runs two major events each year - the glorious Northcote Road Summer Fete - with a big screen for the Wimbledon Men's Final - and the annual Christmas Lights turn-on and Winter Market at the end of November that really kickstarts the festive season. 

In addition to this, each year the Network fundraises to support the cost of the street's festive lights and hanging baskets. The money generated from business is matched by the Council.

Membership of the Network is available from just £150 per year. You can join instantly by paying online now. Please see further information below.


All Northcote Road businesses are very much welcome to join the network. Together we can achieve a great deal more than working alone; and the larger the membership, the greater our ability to make a difference.

The work of the NBN, including the Summer & Christmas Fetes, is dependent upon payment of an annual subscription, but we want to provide further support to you in return through increasing our engagement with, and promotion of, NBN members.

We have therefore engaged Richard Chumbley of Essential Local (www.essentiallocal.com) to act as our Member Support and Marketing Coordinator.  His dual remit is to update and increase traffic through Northcoteroad.london (improvements have already been made to this website) and NBN social media while simultaneously using those and other avenues to support and promote member interests.

To reflect and help fund the changes being undertaken, the benefits of membership of the Northcote Road Business Network have been enhanced and a new Premium membership introduced.

For public benefit, non-member businesses based in Northcote Road will be listed in the NBN website’s Directory section as a single line address listing at the bottom of the page without further details or link to their website.  This is the full extent of the assistance we will provide to businesses that do not support Northcote Road's business community or events by contributing financially to the Network.

NBN Membership: Benefits (£175pa)

1)       Website Directory Listing and Link

Promoted above the non-members in their relevant category in the Directory section of Northcoteroad.London, members will benefit from a listing which includes business name, type of business, address, contact number and website address linking to their own website.  The listings will be arranged in the order in which a member has paid their annual subscription.

2)       Website Promotional Graphic

Each category of the Directory section of the website features a collection of images which further promote those who have paid their membership fee.  An image is of the front of a member’s premises is turned into an ‘advert’ by the addition of company name, telephone number, web address & link (click here for an example)

3)       Consultation & Invitations

NBN members will be invited to attend any networking events and other meetings involving the NBN.  Our coordinator Richard Chumbley will also be in touch with each member twice per year to discuss what the Network can do for you.  A short questionnaire may also be circulated to gather opinions as to how business can be improved in the area and what extra services could be of use to members.

4)       Hanging Baskets & Sponsorship

NBN members will have priority in terms of sponsoring the annual hanging baskets, Christmas trees and any other Northcote promotional opportunities that arise.

5)       Pat Testing Kit

Members can carry out their own PAT tests using the Network’s own equipment rather than hiring a third party and save around £100 in doing so.

6)       Guaranteed Social Media Promotion

Through the year, each member’s news and offers will be promoted via the NorthcoteRoad.London website and to NBN’s social media followers (approx. 4000 via @northcoteSw11, for example).  All member tweets mentioning #northcotebiz will automatically appear on the NBN website and then selected tweets will also be retweeted to NBN followers four times per month.  Members can specify which news item they’d like retweeted by including a #Essentiallocal hashtag in the tweet.  Members who don’t use Twitter can benefit from fewer but customized tweets shared by us on their behalf.

7)       ‘Proud member of the Northcote Community’ sticker

Each member will receive a NBN window sticker showing that the business actively supports the Northcote Community.

PREMIUM Membership: Additional Benefits (£275pa)

The premium membership has been introduced to give enhanced promotion to those members willing to invest a little more into the Network.

1)       Enhanced Directory Listing on the Website

Premium members will have their listing/link in a special section at the top of their Directory category and their promotional graphic at the top of the page. Moreover, Premium members' text listings will feature more information.  Also, if the member would prefer it, instead of linking directly from their listing to their own website, a mini-site can be created on NorthcoteRoad.London to act as a third party shop window to their business (for an example, click on Bellmores).

2)       Additional Social Media Promotion

On top of the retweets detailed above, Premium members will also be promoted through a custom designed tweet direct from the NBN Twitter account to its near 4k local audience at least once per month.  To request such a tweet, the member should email richard@essentiallocal.com

3)       Homepage Advert

Premium members will enjoy a month-long advertising position on the homepage of NorthcoteRoad.London and posted on our social media.  NBN supporters who have invested in the organization for a number of years and become Premium members will receive first choice of month.  Following this, they will be offered to businesses in the order in which they took a Premium membership.  Each month’s position will be a slideshow of three slides only.

Associate Membership
There may be opportunities for local businesses who have supported the Northcote Business Network in the past or wish to do so in the future to become Associate Members of the NBN.  Membership benefits would be less generous than those for standard members of the Network, but would still allow smaller businesses to take advantage of the additional exposure that being associated with the network brings.

Independent Shop Discount
Members whose Northcote Road based shop or business is their only branch will receive a £25 discount on their annual membership.

Optional Extras

The following extras are available on request courtesy of local business support service Essential Local, as is a range of design, print and marketing services.

1)         The sharing of your tweets by @essentiallocal, which offers an additional local audience of around 2000 followers (incl. via Facebook): £45+vat extra pa

2)         Twitter set-up and introductory tuition/tips: £100+vat

3)         Digital advert design for the homepage: £25+vat

Please email info@northcoteroad.london with any questions.

YOU CAN PAY FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE NOW THROUGH THE LINK BELOW. Please also email Richard to alert him to your payment and he will be in touch to find out best how we can help.

Please note, it may look at first as if you have to register with Pay Pal to make this payment but once you click 'register with Pay Pal' it will take you to a screen which allows secure credit card payments without such registration.

Alternatively you can pay by cheque, payable to 'Northcote Business Network' and sent to Jonathan Dyson c/o Hamptons Battersea, 98-100 Northcote Road, Battersea, London SW11 6QW

Northcote Business Network Membership Options
The crowds celebrating Djokovic winning Wimbledon 2014 in the sunshine on the big screen. photo Matt Shearing.

The crowds celebrating Djokovic winning Wimbledon 2014 in the sunshine on the big screen. photo Matt Shearing.

Current Supporting Members of the Northcote Road Business Network and Local Community

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